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what we deliver

catscomplete advanced enterprise traceability

Our product will be the best traceability software currently on the market

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who are we

nc-visioninnovative company

Innovation oriented start-up company set to create state-of-the-art software using the latest technologies

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how are we doing this

nc-builderno-code oriented development

We build everything on a revolutionary no-code platform

Decades of experience in traceability software solutions

About Us

Experienced and passionate management team

We have decades of experience in the software industry, software technology and traceability. A large number of successful traceability projects and high technology software projects have already been realized. Based on this expertise we develop and distribute the innovative out of the box complete standardized traceability software solution CATS.

Highly motivated teams for technology, product and customer service work on our product and together with customer services ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Our software developers are experts in software engineering and complex software for the manufacturing industry. We have the industry knowledge to optimally understand the needs of our customers. We use all this knowledge and skills to create the best software solution for traceability together with the best services in the market.

The basis of our product development is our self-developed NoCode technology. With this innovative technology we are able to develop our products quickly and easily with a high-performance software architecture.

This technology is embedded in our product and is therefore also available to our customers in CATS. Our customers can implement customizing and CATS enhancements themselves quickly and easily.

About Us


Full stack advanced traceability system designed to track and control all product related processes covering all the needs of the most complex production environment.


Our promise is to generate lasting benefits and added value for our customers with our products and services.

A better software development


High complexity traceability system
  • CATS


    The out of the box complete standardized traceability software solution

    Innovative traceability solution that fully integrates with the
    entire product manufacturing cycle to ensure the highest quality and reliability

    Unite all locations in your company to run in sync and as one


The main focus is to develop flexible platforms that are easy to extend and maintain with low resources


We boldly set out to break existing limitations and go for a new approach


Complete consultancy services for solution development and targeted environments

Ready to use

We target fast delivery of ready-to-use software

Unite company locations

Feature overview

Sync locations processes

Centralized architecture

Instantly access aggregate realtime information about all plants like scrap cost, shipments, downtime or workload

Fast implementation

We designed the applications to rely on master data configuration where process complexity can be increased progressively

High configuration flexibility

High resolution of configuration options allowing the plant engineers to customize the process without development

Modern technologies

Cross platform web based UI interface that runs on all of today’s commonly used operating systems

Fully integrated toolchain

Cross platform web based UI interface that runs on all of today’s commonly used operating systems

Product label design and print

Our platform has an integrated label designer and rendering support for thermal and standard printers ( ZPL, PCL, pdf, etc. )

Industrial machine connection

Connectivity support with industrial machines/devices communication protocols like RS323, TCP, OPC or MQTT

Process flow control

Track material usage, validate scanned component barcodes, force flow sequence or block containers from shipping based on laboratory test results

Real-Time monitoring

Define monitoring data streams and bind them to beautifully designed real time UI charts

Complete manufacturing process coverage

Feature details

Track + Control + Prevent

Production line

  • Tracking of material lots at a high precision
  • Automatic Multi-Level BOM based subassembly state validation
  • Control the part production sequence to ensure full complete tracking of production
  • Validate scanner barcode serial formats
  • Advanced part scrap control
  • Embedded down time system to monitor events that affected production quality or to optimize the line uptime
  • Schedule production using planned KANBAN amounts
  • Change management (scheduled changes in part specification or process)


  • Report and analyze part process values
  • Enforce process validation systems checks before start of production
  • Automated part test deployments based on custom rules
  • Block parts on containers from usage or delivery
  • Track issues or changes that occurred on the line
  • Schedule customer information change
  • Part scrap to rework flow control with precise recovering lot assurance


  • EDI import and export
  • Receiving and Shipping support
  • Label received materials and decant them for a precise tracking of the part amounts
  • Track material locations and stock movements
  • Manage FIFO flow
  • Perform efficient and fast inventory checks
  • Manage material loading using KANBAN digital system


  • Tracking production spare parts stock and ensure availability
  • Periodical preventive maintenance checks management
  • Remote access to machine exposed values
  • Enhanced machine elevated access (rework/resume/revert)


  • Barcodes (scanning, printing and validation)
  • RFID support
  • Laser marking and engraving
  • LOT tracking
  • Real Time information


  • PLC bidirectional interaction
  • Embedded support for a high number of communication protocols
  • Automated fixed scanners triggering from traceability system


  • Skill training to ensure constant work quality
  • Process operation required skills enforcing
  • Anonymous operator identity assurance


  • Process setup
  • Label design
  • Process values validation limits


  • Automated updates
  • Environment health status monitor
Free implementation

Use and test CATS free of charge

2 weeks implementation

Check in your own environment whether CATS meets all your requirements 100% and generates added value.
Our special offer for a CATS pilot project:

Free CATS pilot implementation in your Environment


  • We will visit you in your company to assess your needs and develop optimization potential. Your required time: 4-8 hours
  • As a result you will receive a CATS realization concept within 2 days from us.
  • We discuss the realization concept with you and adapt it again if necessary after consultation with you. Your required time: 2 hours
  • We implement this concept in our company within one week.
  • We install your CATS customer environment in your company or provide a CATS SaaS Instance and put CATS into operation
  • together with you. Your required time: 8 hours.
Take your time to test your CATS solution. If necessary, we will work with you to further optimize your CATS solution for your needs.

Your CATS pilot is live latest 2 weeks from start.

Free consultancy and support is included for the complete pilot project.

Build the team


Join our crew

We build a team of visionaire developers who understand the architecture of widely used frameworks, are willing to step up from regular software projects to the creation of a revolutionary development platform and are passionate about the idea of a complex and very innovative software solution that does not fit the custom pattern for common application development.

Our crew members should easily visualize the algorithms behind today's well-known technologies ranging from the fields of frontend and backend development, deployment or scalability to the cloud-based environments

Job One

Front-end Senior Developer

If you are an experienced UI developer with knowledge of the new front-end frameworks and you are attracted to being involved in building a completely new front-end engine, then you are the perfect match for this opening.

Ideally you master JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS3, HTML5 and you have extensive experience with at least one web targeted UI framework or library like jQuery(UI), React, Angular or Vue.

Job Two

Back-end Senior Developer

This position is designed for a senior back-end developer with considerable experience on desktop or server side development who has in-depth knowledge of deployment systems, cloud computing, parallel programming or virtual environments.

The technical expertise should be focused on various development platforms, such as: Node, PHP, Python, JavaEE, ASP.NET or any other OOP oriented programming language.
A great addition would be proficiency in several of these areas: linux environments, continuous integration, automated testing, application profiling or cluster architecture.

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We offer partnerships for sales partners and solution partners in an attractive model.
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Branch Office - Development

NC-Vision GmbH
Corneliu Coposu 24C
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Telephone: +40 7266 777 00
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Company Headquarters

NC-Vision GmbH
Prinz-Eugen-Weg 24
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