We build a team of visionaire developers who understand the architecture of widely used frameworks, are willing to step up from regular software projects to the creation of a revolutionary development platform and are passionate about the idea of a complex and very innovative software solution that does not fit the custom pattern for common application development.

Our crew members should easily visualize the algorithms behind today's well-known technologies ranging from the fields of front-end and back-end development, deployment or scalability to the cloud-based environments





Front-end Senior Developer

If you are an experienced UI developer with knowledge of the new front-end frameworks and you are attracted to being involved in building a completely new front-end engine, then you are the perfect match for this opening.

Ideally you master JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS3, HTML5 and you have extensive experience with at least one web targeted UI framework or library like jQuery(UI), React, Angular or Vue.

Back-end Senior Developer

This position is designed for a senior back-end developer with considerable experience on desktop or server side development who has in-depth knowledge of deployment systems, cloud computing, parallel programming or virtual environments.

The technical expertise should be focused on various development platforms, such as: Node, PHP, Python, JavaEE, ASP.NET or any other OOP oriented programming language. A great addition would be proficiency in several of these areas: Linux environments, continuous integration, automated testing, application profiling or cluster architecture.

CATS Developer

We are looking for individuals that have good knowledge of business processes and real-life know-how of plant shopfloors and have an inclination towards automating daily processes and improving shopfloor processes.

There are no technical prerequisits, but a general familiarity with computers and peripherals is an advantage.